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This is where I will write about whatever's going on in my life, or whatever's going on in my head. I wouldn't consider it as my online journal as I don't plan on writing every day, but I guess it is somewhere around that category.
I do write short stories and prompts on my other blog; http://toyouwhoisreading.blogspot.com
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Home, Sweet Home!
Saturday, 21 November 2015

Well, hello there! It has been such a long time since I've posted here -- a whole semester, to be exact. I can honestly admit that my first semester in college was a major bumpy roller coaster ride, and I was overwhelmed. I was trying to get used to the changes, and I even lost interest in some of my hobbies.

That's when I thought, "Sheesh, college sucks", because it took my fun away. Sure, I was having fun with a group of close friends, but I had no urge to read a book, write a story nor watch anime. The same pattern continued for quite some time until I tried to force myself, which actually worked.

I was never a fast-reader, but I was never a slow-reader. At least I thought so. My worst record was set this year, where I took a whole semester to finish reading a book. It's not the book's fault, I mean Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn turned out to be one of my favourite book --- it is more of that scene where it goes, "It's not you, it's me,".

Anyways, I'm back at home for about two months until the new semester starts. I don't even want to talk about the hell a.k.a finals  that we had to endure before the break. NEVER.

So I've started reading again, and buying books, of course. I am planning to dedicate this semester break to none other than, ME! I have a lot of things to do for myself. I have to start reading again, keep my room cozy and clean, and I definitely need to lose weight.

My weight has always been a sensitive topic and it has always been the thing that brings me down --- aside from me being oh-so-average-looking. But I'm determined to change it, and I will try my best.

And I might be challenging myself to write in my blog every day. Who knows.

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IPG Kampus Perlis.
Friday, 3 July 2015

So the time has finally come for me to write about my first two weeks in Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG) Kampus Perlis/ Institute of Teacher Education Perlis Campus.

A few weeks prior to the registration day, I have created a group on Whatsapp and went on a scavenger hunt for future campus mates. Day after day, the group grew and we helped each other a lot during those few weeks with the registration forms and whatnot.

Majority of them were very friendly and there was this one girl who surprisingly had numerous things in common with me. We had planned to become roommates and our plan was a success! :D

We unpacked our (gigantic amount of) luggage and went back to the hall for the opening ceremony. Not long after that was the start of our hell orientation week.

Our phones were confiscated throughout the four days of orientation, so unfortunately there will be no pictures. Even if we had our phones, I don't think we would have the time to even take pictures because well, it was  a hell hectic week.

Tiring, it was. It's the tradition of the orientation week in every campus. Harsh, maybe. But in the end of the day I could digest and understand why they did it that way. We survived the orientation week with flying colours, I would like to say.

Off with orientation week--

Time for classes!

The first day after the orientation week was a day of adaptation. We had a morning assembly, and went straight to class after it. I was especially excited as it has always been my dream to study what I love; English.

There have been a lot of "firsts" during the first two weeks in IPG:

First selfie with my roommate, Adiba. 

First group selfie with my TESL classmates. 

The first printer that I own myself.

First serious task list that I didn't procrastinate with.

First literature homework that required me to do a newspaper report based on a short story.

So far the classes had been enjoyable and fun (for me, at least). We are still trying to fully adapt ourselves to these new surroundings and environment. I am planning to keep on going with this same determination until the last semester in 2020. 

Except for the laundry. Gosh I hate doing laundry.

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Hello, world!
Friday, 22 May 2015

Welcome to my blog! Since I have just started this blog and this would be my first post, I think it would be very appropriate to kick it off with an introduction; about the blog and the girl behind it a.k.a ME :D

My username of choice is eyeneee. Looks weird? Well let me break it down for you. I go by the name Aini and to make it easier for people to pronounce it, I came up with the username with a help of my friend.

Eye = Ai
Neee = Ni

See? Heh. So anyway. I am an eighteen year old girl living in Malaysia. I have a variety of interests, some of them being languages, music, literature,  and Japanese animation + drama CD.

My first language is Malay/Bahasa Melayu, making English my second language. I have been learning two other languages; Korean and Japanese, for a few years.

I started to gain interest on Korean entertainment as well as the language and culture around the year 2009. Being the curious 13 year old me, I decided to self-learn the said language in 2010. In my opinion, learning a new language is extremely fun and interesting, despite some people stating that it's a waste of time if you're not going to need the language in your life. I just cannot agree with that because, hey, you never know when you're going to need the knowledge. The more you know, eh?
I can read, write, speak and understand pretty... decently? I understand a lot more than the other skills though.

It's a different story for Japanese though. I watched a lot of Japanese animation when I was a kid, so naturally I picked up some vocabulary here and there throughout the years. Unlike Korean, I did not learn the Japanese writing systems because I was focusing on Korean at the time, and it kind of scared me with it having three systems: katakana, hiragana and kanji. Oh, the kanji. 

I only started to challenge myself by trying to learn them early this year, thanks to a Japanese friend of mine. He convinced me to just get over my fear and learn! And he told me the fact that even native Japanese speakers are not good at kanji. Everyone has problem with it. So I gave it a shot! I have a LOT to learn, still. My skills are more to understanding and speaking rather than writing and reading, of course.

Moving on; MUSIC. My parents told me that I have loved music since I was very young. I was always asking my mom to sing when I couldn't. Then I kept singing when I learned how to-- until today. I enjoy a lot of different genres and languages when it comes to songs. I do not agree with the people who avoid songs in a language that they don't understand. Giving the excuse of "I can't enjoy it fully if I don't know what I'm listening to." Then Google the damn lyrics translations, people.

Sometimes no lyrics are needed to touch the listeners heart. Exhibit A: piano works. I adore the Korean pianist, Yiruma. His works are just beautiful and touching.

My favorite ..

Western singers: Demi Lovato, Katy Perry, Travis Garland, 5SOS, Ne-yo, Jason Derulo.
Korean: Wheesung, Huh Gak, Ailee, BESTie, Royal Pirates, f(x), VIXX
Japanese: Tegomass, Kat-tun, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, Piko, Wakaba, ON/OFF

Next interest: Literature!

I lalalalove reading. I am in love with books, no lie. One of the things that I can't stop myself from buying are definitely BOOKS. I go crazy with my book buying sometimes. My empty purse would be the proof of that :P

I love reading books that are related to supernatural, fantasy, psychology + dark and twisted plots are always loved. But there is no denying that cheesy, fluffy contemporary romance are nice to read sometimes. I watch an insane amount of Booktube videos as well, which affects my book buying a lot. It can't be helped, hehe.

Aside from reading, I do enjoy writing as well. I have another blog: http://toyouwhoisreading.blogspot.com where I post my short stories, prompts and word vomits. It's been a while since I posted anything because I went into a reading+writing slump which I am slowly getting out of, happily. :D

Now we have reached "Japanese animation + drama CD"!

I rather not start with my history with anime, because if I do, God knows how long this post is going to be. So let me just list a few of my favorite animes.

(In no particular order because that is just impossible)

- Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler
- Hetalia
- Vampire Knight
- Loveless
- Lovely Complex
- Black Bullet
- Jigoku Shoujo

If you don't know what a drama CD is, it's basically an anime without visuals. Yup, it's just an audio drama. Drama CDs are totally fangirl material, frankly. They consist of the character's voice; as if they're talking to you. YOU are in the scenario. Heh. Fangirl material, nuff said.

My obsession with drama CDs started the same time as I fell into the seiyuu (voice actor) fandom. I basically "stalked" my seiyuu of interest at that time who was (and still is) Hirakawa Daisuke and landed into this black hole.... full of drama CDs. And that, kids, is how it all started.

I have over 50 drama CDs in my laptop at the moment, and more to come. I do wish to own at least one physical copy, but I'm too broke to afford it. Sigh. One day, maybe. Anyway, drama CDs actually helped me a lot with my Japanese. It's amazing how much I can understand and speak now compared to before I discovered them. Listening to my favorite voice actors' while learning at the same time: purrfect.

While we're at it, I'm just gonna list down my seiyuu bias list (because I can 8D)

- Yoshino Hiroyuki
- Hirakawa Daisuke
- Yusa Kouji
- Konishi Katsuyuki
- Hino Satoshi
- Morikubo Showtaro
- Toriumi Kousuke
- Terashima Takuma
- Kamiya Hiroshi

This blog is going to be about my interests which I have stated (or rambled about) above. My posts could be related to languages, literature, music, or anime + drama CD goodness! And maybe I will write about my college life when it starts next month-- if it's interesting enough.

- Eyeneee.


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